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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Matt's mittens and afgan

Friday, October 13, 2006

Mittens and Moebius

Dratted moebius with nearly 1,000 beads that can't even been seen.... Nice wooly brown mittens....did I mention I really love this pattern?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Christmas 1981

My sisters, Margie and Karen in their jiffy knit very large gauge sweaters. The one Margie has on has giant cables. I think Karen's was straight garter stitch.My niece Melissa in a fuzzy picture sort of showing a little cardi with cables and blue heart shaped buttons. I remember actually planning ahead and knitting this on vacation in Wisconsin. The man in the picture is my Dad, I love him a lot and miss him loads. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

Baby Things

The baby sweaters are from a free pattern online. The only thing the original author requires is that you knit at least one sweater to give to charity. How cool is that? The original pattern is here. There was another "updated" version is here. Using different increases affects the final look. The little yellow one is the one I did first, and I used the original K1 into front and back as the increase, and the white one I used YO's to get a more open, lacy look. I think both are pretty snazzy. No buttonholes, by the way, just stick a button through any handy loop. The blanket in the back ground is a simple garter stitch diagonal, very soft and cushy...
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Baby heads and Big people hands

These were dead easy baby hats with I-cord tops that were made with self-striping sock yarn. They will probably go to Warm the World, or some other place where they can do some good.The black gloves are store bought, but I added the green wooly cuffs. I made my sisters each a pair, but with different colors a couple of years ago. The mittens were knitted flat, from Patons Canadian Colours. That was before I started knitting mittens on DPNs, which I find much, much nicer. Posted by Picasa

Two More Scarves

This purple creation is not my favorite. It is soft and warm, it was made from the Sally book, Knit Stitch, but it's not her fault. It is made from Homespun and Micro Spun, it's not the yarns fault. I think the bind off or edge stitches are off, my fault. Close up of one side.
Photo showing both sides at once.
Scarf made out of self striping sock yarn. This was before I knew I could knit socks, but I loved the yarn. It is now a short, tuck-in type wool scarf. I have no idea where it will end up.
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Blue scarf and baby sweater

This sweater was started for my nephew Kyle for his first birthday. It is a soft washable wool. It's a little late. He turned 17 in July. This will now go into the "Granny's Hope Chest".
Sleeve detail. Why did the pattern put bobbles on the back of a baby pattern? I modified that part of the pattern...Blue scarf made from a boucle yarn, with a gold metallic sewing thread held with it. Stitch was a K3, P3 alternating pattern. This is a very soft, drapey scarf.Close-up of stitch pattern. I'd love to get you better pictures, but have no macro lens. It's on the wish list!
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Socks, Scarves, and Mittens

Kroy yarn
Ann Norlings basic kids sock patttern

for Melissa's baby Cameron

scarves for Alyssa

mittens for me

Encore yarn
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Trekking yarn
Jaywalker Pattern

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Olympic Sweater Winter 2006

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